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Jericho Barquez, from Polangui, Philippines
Web:, Bio: Love surfing the internet!...also loved to improve my skills acquired from my studies with the degree of BS in Information Technology. After...
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SeoQuake [Team blog] - Details

EchoesJai: SeoQuake [Team blog] » Change log [SeoQuake FF] LINK

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Balloons in a box for a great surprise and balloons for all occasions. - Details

streetSweepers8: Balloonking for balloon delivery. Fantastic balloons in a box for any occasion. Order your balloons in a box online and receive your balloons by balloon delivery the next day for a great surprise.

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Dewalt DW718 - The Miter Saw Without Equal - Details

yourScooters: The DeWalt DW718 Sliding Compound Miter Saw comes with a powerful 15 Amp motor capable of 3,600 RPM for extended power and durability plus a 3-year warranty.

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Hy-Bon Engineering vapor recovery units capture natural gas emissions with high levels of hydrogen sulfide from oilfield stock tanks. - Details

streetSweepers8: Hy-Bon Engineering vapor recovery units capture natural gas emissions with high levels of hydrogen sulfide from oilfield stock tanks.

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Middle School Math - - Details

streetSweepers8: Digital is a website for middle school math teachers that offers engaging middle school math lessons and middle school math projects for immediate download.

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Ultimate Maqui Berry Review | Best Diet Pills Review - Details

gerald86jefferso: Maqui Berry is a new weight loss supplement which will become bigger than Acai Berry in the next couple of years

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Personal trainers Chelsea - Details

passdot: Professional personal trainers in Chelsea from Esteem Fitness. Personal fitness regimes to suit your life style.

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Plumbing Is Often Neglected In Home Improvement Plans - Details

GadgetmanSB101: If you are planning to take on a home improvement project, the plumbing involved is probably something that is causing you to worry. Whenever you make major

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Affordable and High-Quality Postcard Printing - Details

roxanne.uprinting: Design, print and mail your postcards, whether folded or flat, with one or two tabs, in standard or custom sizes at!

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Transformers 3 – Dark of the Moon in AE - Jericho Barquez - Details

jerichobarquez: Another project I created in After effects . Transformer is one of the most popular 3D movies today. It is one of the most awaited movies in Cinema because of its realistic and cinematic visual effects.  Transformers is a combination of computer...

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Know Your Ad Message Execution - Details

jerichobarquez: There are different ways of approaching customers with your ads. It is called your ad message execution. This refers to how you present your products to your customers through advertisements.

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Realistic Smoke Trails and Lightning Effect - Details

jerichobarquez: In this video,I have used and added the rain effects and changed its original cloud to dim like clouds. I have put some lighting bolts to make it more realistic.   I created another video with realistic smoke trails with Partcular particles....

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Diaper Rash Tip – Treatment and Prevention | Baby & C - Details

jerichobarquez: Diaper rash may be a common downside among babies. it's characterised by red and irritated-looking skin in your baby's diaper space. The irritated skin may be

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5 Reasons Why You'll love Wall Graphics - Details

jerichobarquez: Wall graphics give any place a more appealing look. Everyone knows of this fact already. However, what remains trivial for some are the other benefits you could get from using them. Found below are five reasons why wall graphics is definitely...

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JPEGmini - Your Photos on a Diet! - Details

jumpsocial: Your photos on a diet! Reduce the file size of your photos by up to 5x, while keeping their original quality and JPEG format!

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jerichobarquez: This technique is interesting. First the wall begins to crack followed by pieces falling out of the words, then it is mixed with dust elements and some particles. This method is great for creating disaster movies. Just like the 2012 movie. One...

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Adobe After Effects - just the right One! - Jericho Barquez - Details

jerichobarquez: It doesn’t matter whether you are a developer, designer, professional in arts, an amateur or just like realistic visual effects.   Only you must have the heart and willingness to learn and improve your skills in editing or creating videos...

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Discover the Secret - Details

jerichobarquez: Film making is always changing generation by generation. As we can observe, nowadays people are being engaged through visual effects . They love to watch with 2D or 3D effects. It’s always improving and will improve for these coming years....

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3rd Party Plug-ins - Jericho Barquez - Details

jerichobarquez: Find the latest 3 rd party plug-ins from my blog site. For more effective and cinematic visual effects, add even more capability to your software which is Adobe After Effects . Plug-ins are software that could enhance your projects. it will...

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Graffiti Writing - Jericho Barquez - Details

jerichobarquez: Writing names on your   wall in 3D. That’s what I have created and Graffiti is the highest user- rated of all the top 50 biggest Facebook applications. Graffiti writing is like a public painting in a form of written words to elaborate paintings...

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