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Elizabeth White, from Tuczon, United States
Web:, Bio: I love technology because it helps me in many ways like promoting my business and sharing more important informations. Also to share my updated...
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18 folks mobile payment app lets iOS, Android users scan a credit card for funds

01/20/2012 01:10am - via - Details

elizabethnews: It's getting easier and easier to make and receive payments on-the-go as of late: iOS users can pick up Square dongles at a variety of national retailers, while those with Google Wallet-capable handsets can raid vending machines. Still, both...

16 folks

Sony Ericsson's Android Push Isn't Working

01/20/2012 01:30am - via - Details

elizabethnews: Sony Ericsson as we know it today will dissolve soon as Sony has decided to buy out Ericsson's stake in the joint venture. This means moving forward we are much more likely to see Playstation-branded phones and more high-end devices that fit...

12 folks

'Doom' for calculators gets color upgrade

01/20/2012 12:54am - via - Details

elizabethnews: 1 inShare If you play Doom on your calculator, you'll no longer be stuck with greyscale gibs. A new update to the TI-Nspire port of the game has added support for color screens, along with some control and menu tweaks. If the demonstration...

14 folks

LG Prada Phone 3.0 launching February in Britain

01/20/2012 12:40am - via - Details

elizabethnews: 1 inShare The LG Prada Phone 3.0, previously available only in South Korea, will start shipping with T-Mobile UK next month.The 4.3-inch, 800 x 480 phone ships with a custom skin of Android 2.3, although LG has promised an update to 4.0...

17 folks

ZTE pays Microsoft around $27 for each Windows Phone made

01/20/2012 12:26am - via - Details

elizabethnews: How much does it cost to license Microsoft's latest and greatest mobile OS? A fair bit it seems. While numbers have been bandied around before, this is the first time a per-handset figure was to an internal employee -- this time, the portfolio...

14 folks

Nintendo Offers 3DS Demos

01/20/2012 01:51am - via - Details

elizabethnews: "The demo program allows Nintendo 3DS players to be among the first to test-drive select games. Players can try out new genres or series, often weeks before the full versions are available in stores," said Nintendo in a statement.

15 folks

Nokia software Update hopes to Fix Lumia 800 Battery Issues on the Second Try

01/20/2012 02:17am - via - Details

elizabethnews: Nokia has announced that a second update to the Lumia 800 will be coming to all owners of the smartphone in the next few weeks. The Lumia 800 is a Windows Phone smartphone and has suffered from battery issues since it launched. Nokia launched...

17 folks

Users Cry Foul Over Xbox 360 Update's HD Changes

01/20/2012 05:32pm - via - Details

elizabethnews: There is speculation that Microsoft purposefully reduced video playback on the Xbox 360 for videos that were not purchased from Microsoft. And there's a pretty good reason to speculate that.

17 folks

Apple Market Cap hit $400B, Making it Worth more than Greece

01/20/2012 05:07pm - via - Details

elizabethnews: Its hard understand a million dollars and what that is for many of us, a billion dollars is even harder. When you start to think about $400 billion, a headache is assured. For a bit this week, Apple had a market cap of $400 billion. It dropped...

12 folks

Sony Doles Out Compliments To The 3DS

01/20/2012 04:46pm - via - Details

elizabethnews: The latest person to boast about the 3DS's sales numbers is not someone at Nintendo. In fact, it's one of the company's arch rivals.

8 folks

PS3 Skyrim Problems May Soon Be Over

01/20/2012 03:53pm - via - Details

elizabethnews: If you've been playing the PS3 version of the latest Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, you may be in for a nice (though not really that surprising) surprise.

11 folks

Time Warner Cable app streams live TV to iPhones, no longer iPad-only

01/20/2012 12:06am - via - Details

elizabethnews: After finally issuing a version of its TWC TV app for Android tablets and phones (sans-live TV streaming, for now) Time Warner Cable has finally made its iOS version, which launched last March on the iPad, compatible with the iPhone and iPod...

13 folks

One-quarter of South Korean phone owners have a Galaxy S II, according to Samsung

01/19/2012 11:56pm - via - Details

elizabethnews: Since going on sale last April, Samsung has moved some five million Galaxy S II units in its native South Korea. According to the company, that number means that roughly one in every four phone owners in the country now rocks the popular handset,...

13 folks

Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent settle decade-old patent spat

01/19/2012 08:36pm - via - Details

elizabethnews: It's no secret that Alcatel-Lucent and Microsoft have a long and somewhat litigious relationship, but today the two companies are letting bygones be bygones. CNET is reporting that A-L and MS have reached a "confidential settlement" in a patent...

19 folks

Apple's education announcement: what you need to know

01/19/2012 08:55pm - via - Details

elizabethnews: Today's education event was a reasonably small one, so far as Apple pressers go, held at the Guggenheim museum in New York City, with a smattering of media representatives in attendance. It arrives on the tails of some already hearty numbers...

12 folks

Sony schedules PSN maintenance today, wants you to know this time it's on purpose

01/19/2012 08:14pm - via - Details

elizabethnews: Sony knows you're likely scarred for life after its many security snafus, so it's doing all it can to keep you in the loop in regards to its PSN. The network will be experiencing a temporary outage today to make room for "routine scheduled maintenance"...

14 folks

Apple's iBooks Author hands-on

01/19/2012 07:42pm - via - Details

elizabethnews: Inside every frustrated journalist is an even more frustrated author, and self-publishing is an evil that many of us have succumbed to over the years. Still, much as we may want to resist it, we couldn't help ourselves when it came time to test...

11 folks

Sony Ericsson swallows $317 million pre-tax loss as end draws near

01/19/2012 06:57pm - via - Details

elizabethnews: Sony Ericsson's tearful breakup continues with more woe as as the venture had to eat a pre-tax loss of €247 million (roughly $317 million). Bosses cited "unfavorable macro-economic conditions" and the Thai flooding as the reasons for the loss....

6 folks

Microsoft announces Q2 earnings: record $20.89 billion in revenue, $6.62 billion net income

01/19/2012 09:14pm - via - Details

elizabethnews: Microsoft has just announced its second quarter earnings, and it's touting a record $20.89 billion in revenue, up five percent year-over-year. Net income came in at $6.62 billion, which isn't far off at all from the $6.63 billion it netted in...

12 folks

Intel reports record 2011 earnings, bests Q4 estimates

01/19/2012 09:33pm - via - Details

elizabethnews: Intel just released its fiscal year-end numbers, including its Q4 report, and things are indeed looking up for the company. After revising its final quarter estimate late last December on the heels of supply chain reductions, the chipmaker posted...

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