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A social search engine like works pretty much like a normal search engine with two major differences:

How does it work?
We started not as social search engine but as a social bookmarking service. So thousands of people stored their favorite links on our servers. After a while the best websites bubbled up by being bookmarked over and over again. So we made all these quality links available through our search form and the social search engine was born.
Why is it better than normal search?
First, people are not fooled as easily as machines - they only save a link if they think it is worth it. Second they often store additional information with a link - like a description or some helpful keywords. Using folkd you will get access to this additional knowledge to discover the web faster and find new websites you probably would have missed otherwise.
How to get started with social search?
Just use it, like you would use Google, Yahoo or bing: Type a query into the search box on the main page. To get more relevant results we encourage you to sign up for free and connect to your friends or other people whose links you find interesting.
What do the different icons and colours mean?






Want to help others with your link recommendations?
We would love to get to know your favorite sites on the web. Please Submit interesting Links, start to import your favorites or use our browser buttons while surfing.

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