Should I Use Kodi? – Learn about the newest way to watch your favorite television shows

There is a new way to watch your favorite television shows without breaking the bank.  Actually, it’s completely free to use.  What?  Your mind is blown, right?

Before you start questioning, is Kodi legal, we are here to tell you it is.

This article will go through what Kodi is and how to use Kodi to watch movies and tv shows.  We know that you are way excited to hear more, so let’s get right to it.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a digital software program that brings your favorite movies and tv shows right to your television, laptop, or mobile device. Think of it as always having your smart tv with you no matter where you are.

The software is what they call open source, which means there are no fees associated with using Kodi as they have a license that allows users to use it to their heart’s content. 

It’s also quick and easy to download and start streaming immediately.

The main software has many features like listening to your music, importing your movies, uploading your photos, a library of tv shows to choose from, and much more. 

There are also Kodi add-ons that are available.  These are user-created add-ons that enable you to stream online content from home or watch live tv. 

The Kodi users can use the software on Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Android, and Raspberry Pi.  The dashboard is easy to use and customizable.  Make it look how you want and organize it according to your preferences.  

Since Kodi is an open-source software system, users work together constantly to identify bugs.  Because of this, Kodi users are happy as updates are made quickly and without delay when problems arise.  


  • Kodi is made up of a large community that offers support.
  • There are thousands of plugins available to extend the functionality of the software.
  • Attractive interface with a lot of different themes to choose from


  • Some people use illegal streaming with Kodi
Is Kodi legal?

Is Kodi legal?

The short answer to this is yes.  The Kodi app allows people to watch movies and tv shows as well as view photos and listen to music. 

These features can be drawn from a USB device or through a specific home network setup.  Several smartphone apps allow you to send your files to the device that is using Kodi.  

That said, the general use of Kodi is legal.  The problem comes when people try to use certain plugins with the app that are illegal.  For example, if you are streaming movies or videos through a plugin without paying for it, that is illegal. 

There are sites that have illegal copies of videos that can be streamed through Kodi via a plugin.  This is not ok and not the intended use of Kodi.  Kodi is licensed under the GNU (GNU’s Not Unix) General Public License and it was founded by working with the Software Freedom Law Center. 

Because Kodi is an open-source software program, people can create plugins resulting in illegal streaming.  Kodi clearly states that its software does not provide media itself nor does it promote the use of illegal streaming. 

Any plugin that uses Kodi for any media must be legally paid for. 

Kodi on Smart tv

Smart TVs and Kodi

Most smart TVs come with their own operating system.  Make sure you check your smart TV’s operating system for information before you decide to download Kodi since some of them might not be compatible with it. 

If a smart TV runs on Windows, Linux, or iOS, then there is a good chance that Kodi will be compatible with it.  We recommend that you get a smart TV that comes with an Android TV’s operating system as that’s the easiest way to use Kodi. 

Many smart sticks like the Amazon Fire TV Stick can install Kodi.  Since those devices are run on Apple’s tvOS and Android, Kodi works with them.

Installing Kodi

The great news is that if your smart TV is compatible with Kodi then it’s super easy to install it via Google Play Store or another app store. 

Similar to how you add apps to your mobile device, simply go to the Store, search for Kodi and click “install.”  It’s really that simple.  If for some reason your Android TV does not allow access to the Google Play Store, you can sideload Kodi from their website

With just a few more steps, you will be on your way to enjoying the benefits of Kodi.

Kodi 4k

Kodi – Playing 4k HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Once you have your legal third-party add ons in place, you are ready to stream some content.  4k HDR is high definition that makes the picture look lifelike.

In order for Kodi to play content that is 4k HDR, you need to use the right hardware with Kodi.  The latest version of Kodi does allow for 4k HDR to be streamed, but you must use a device like the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k edition that outputs that kind of resolution.

We get that you paid a lot to get some awesome pictures when streaming movies so just make sure you have the right device to keep that magic alive when using Kodi.

Recording Live TV with Kodi

Plugins are available that will allow you to record live TV or radio.  It will depend on the specific plugin on how exactly you need to go about recording.

There should be an instruction page associated with the plugin that guides you through how to do it.  A user can select the specific tv show they want to record or choose to recover live TV from a particular time. 

The Kodi software allows you to set up a timer to record specific programs as well.  This way, you can set up to record live tv even when you aren’t home.  Kodi has our backs!

VPNs and Kodi

If you want to use a VPN with Kodi, you can, but using a VPN is not a requirement.  Many people prefer to use VPNs for anything they do on the internet to keep it more secure. 

Kodi will work with a VPN in place.  However, some people using VPNs are doing it because they are using illicit plugins and streaming illegally.  They install a VPN so that their connection is not tracked.  Again, this is illegal and not the purpose of Kodi.  

Kodi Add-ons

Kodi Add-ons

We have talked about Kodi add-ons, but what exactly is that?  Once you have installed Kodi, you install add-ons within Kodi.  Think of it as an app store within Kodi.  There are numerous add-ons to select like Popcorn Time

From audio and video streaming to skins that enable you to customize your interface to programs that help you control Kodi remotely, the sky’s the limit.  They are constantly updating and adding new features, so if there’s something that you have been looking for, always check their latest add-ons.  

If you are interested in adding your own add-on to Kodi, their website walks you through creating one for other Kodi users.  Remember, the community makes Kodi work and keeps it thriving. 

Chances are, if there is an add-on that you want and isn’t already available, there is someone else who would appreciate it as well.  By creating some of your own third-party add ons, you are helping others get the most out of their Kodi experience.  

Kodi – The New Way to Stream

Kodi is a safe and secure way to watch all of your content anywhere you go.  It’s like having your smart TV right in your pocket at all times.  Watch movies, TV shows, look at photos–it’s all there right at your fingertips. 

Never worry about what you are going to do in the evenings when traveling for work or pleasure.  Stream your favorite movies or TV shows and relax.  Kodi’s got you covered.

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