Easy and Harmless Pranks for Your Coworkers

Have things become a little too serious in your office? Are you about to scream if you have to endure another monotonous day with no comic relief? Then check out this list of the best pranks for coworkers in the workplace! These harmless jokes will provide a much-needed laugh for all, even the office jerk! In all seriousness, a lighthearted prank is a great way to lighten the mood and boost morale. Bearing that in mind, let’s do our best to channel Jim Halpert and deliver some genuinely legendary pranks. Don’t worry; you won’t need any Jell-O for this list. Instead, we’ve focused on easy April Fool’s pranks and simple email pranks. Our goal is for you to be able to get started goofing on your coworkers without much preparation.

The year is off to a fast-paced start, and April will be here before you know it. Considering this, here are some side-splitting pranks for the month’s most notorious holiday.

Hilarious and Easy April Fool’s Office Pranks

Ground rules: Okay, so we want to be funny, not destructive. These are all harmless pranks that shouldn’t get you in any trouble. We don’t condone jokes that hurt anyone’s feelings or destroy company property. To us, a prank works the best when everyone can share a hearty laugh at it!

Prank #1: Frustrate a Coworker with a Never-Ending Update

What you’ll need: Access to a coworkers’ computer with an internet connection. You’ll also need to visit the webpage, ‘www.fakeupdate.net.’

Feel like messing with a coworker that leaves their screen unlocked? Then this prank is a real gem, and it’s super easy to execute. Basically, fakeupdate.net is a brilliant prank website that’s free to use. It features convincing-looking operating system updates that will never finish. Seriously, the progress bar will buffer for eternity. Prepare for some severe meltdowns as your fellow employee waits in vain for a fake update!

  • Step #1: Sit down at your coworkers’ computer while they are away. Bring up www.fakeupdate.net on their web browser.
  • Step #2: Select the operating system that your coworker has installed on their computer. Fakeupdate.net has many different versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux systems for your convenience.
  • Step #3: Press F11 to go full screen and wait for your coworker to return! Feel free to snicker with your friends behind the safety of your cubicle.

Prank #2: Keyboard Craziness

What you’ll need: Access to a coworkers keyboard and a flat head screwdriver (optional)

Does a particular colleague rub you the wrong way? If so, here’s a great way to entertain yourself with their confusion and misery. Wait until they leave their desk for lunch and grab a flathead screwdriver if you have one. If not, you can still do it with a butter knife or anything long, thin, and flat.

The idea is to rearrange the keys on their keyboard to mess with their head! You can easily remove the keys from any keyboard type, so it doesn’t matter what they use.

  • Step #1: Sit down at their computer and start removing keys from their keyboard by hand or with a tool.
  • Step #2: Be sneaky with the keys that you switch. M and N are good ones to flop, as are A and S. If you want to be really devilish, you can swap the comma and the period keys. Whatever keys you choose, this prank is always good for an afternoon case of the giggles.

Prank #3: The Spilling Coffee Trick

What you’ll need: A coffee cup and a spoon that fits in the handle. You’ll also need one beige napkin and some nutmeg.

This is a truly legendary prank to pull on a demanding boss that’s fussy about their coffee. The gag is a little involved, so let’s get right to the steps!

  • Step #1: Fold the beige napkin into a triangle. The idea here is to use the napkin to resemble coffee with cream and sugar in it. Make sure the napkin rests in the cup so that it’s slightly circular on the top like how coffee would appear.
  • Step #2: Apply the nutmeg to the top of the napkin, furthering the appearance of coffee.
  • Step #3: Balance the spoon inside of the mug’s handle so that it will catch the cup when you pretend to spill it.
  • Step #4: Pretend to serve the coffee to your boss, but let the cup fall while holding onto the spoon. The spoon will catch the cup, and of course, there’s no hot coffee. Your boss won’t know that, and they’re sure to leap out of their seat in a mad panic!

Email Prank #1: Create a Fake Coworker and Start Sending Emails as Them

What you’ll need: The ability to create a new company email account and a healthy imagination.

Sometimes a simple prank isn’t enough. If you want to confuse your coworkers, this prank is ideal. The idea is genius in its simplicity. Create a fake new employee, and start emailing everyone. Add them to all the essential messaging lists too. It’s up to you how crazy or demented you want this person to be. You’re sure to get a good laugh and a confused look out of everyone when the new guy asks if he can work in his underwear!

  • Step #1: Use Outlook or another email service to create a new employee email address. You can also duplicate or mimic an existing employee for a similar prank!
  • Step #2: Start sending bizarre and funny emails to your coworkers and managers. The only limit here is your imagination!

Email Prank #2: Sign Up Your Boss for an Annoying Email List

What you’ll need: Your boss’s email address and a list of embarrassing and annoying email lists.

Not only is this a hilarious prank, but it’s also a great way to get fired if you’re fed up with your job! After all, if you’re going to go out, why not go out with a bang? Seriously though, this can be a great prank and pretty harmless if you do it right. All you have to do is sign up a coworker or manager for email lists that are embarrassing, annoying, and disgusting!

  • Step #1: Find some crazy email lists. There are tons of insane email lists out there. Do your best to get creative! Sure, there are plenty of annoying sales promotion lists, but there’s more than that too. If they’re a Republican, sign them up for a weekly Democratic newsletter. You get the picture!
  • Step #2: Wait for your boss or coworker to realize what you’ve done and bask in the hilarity!

Hopefully, this list has given you some easy pranks to try out on your unsuspecting coworkers! The next time you’re pulling your hair out in the middle of a slow, dull day, give the pranks on this list a whirl! You’re sure to have a good time and make some people laugh and relieve stress in the process. Happy pranking!

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