Is Popcorn Time Safe

In the past, Popcorn Time’s been a popular movie streaming platform because of its extensive digital buffet of movies and TV series people can indulge in for free. Popcorn Time is an open-source multi-platform streaming service and one of the very few that protects users from spamming and aggressive advertising, and thus it has gained the trust of millions of users worldwide. But is Popcorn Time safe?

Many details about the Popcorn Time Software are veiled in secrecy. While the actual application is completely lawful, downloading or storing digital content on your gadget can, in any case, get you into trouble for copyright violation. No one needs to be taken to caught for watching an episode of How I met your mother.

The software architecture is safe if you download it from the authority site. Beware, though, that there are rouge forms of Popcorn Time accessible on the web, which are frequently ridden with malware. In this manner, you ought to be incredibly cautious about where you download PT from.

When it comes to usage, this is where many risks come into play. Using Popcorn Time without a VPN is risky in countless ways. Regardless of even if you’re living in a country where torrenting is allowed, you can, in any case, find yourself in trouble with the law. Many TV/movie companies track peer-to-peer networks and can sue individual copyright infringers.

One example of such a case happened in 2015. Eleven Oregonian Popcorn Time users were sued by movie producers of The Cobbler and ordered to pay an insane amount of money in legal fees and damages. Why? Because their IP address was open for all to see in the free streaming network. Why? Because they were not using a VPN to mask their computer identity.

Is Popcorn Time Legal?

Totally. You will not face any legal consequences for downloading the Popcorn Time streaming application. Notwithstanding, it gives clients admittance to a wide list of movies and TV shows for free streaming.

Now, remember that for copyrighted content-almost every movie or TV show ever made– streaming it or downloading it without paying is tantamount to copyright infringement. Therefore streaming or downloading content with Popcorn Time is illegal.

So the real question is, does PT have a framework for safeguarding user identity online?

Fact #1: Your computer or mobile device has a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address through which someone can trace your location or find your real identity.

Fact # 2: Copyright trolls, royalty collection firms, your internet service provider (ISP), and cybersecurity police consistently monitor networks and can take action if they catch you illegally streaming.

Fact #3: Torrenting sites like Popcorn Time rely on peer-to-peer networks and can expose your data to other users, who may be maliciously targeting you.

So is Pop Corn Safe?

Risk # 1. Popcorn Time does have a built-in VPN, but it’s said to be ineffective

A few Popcorn Time streaming software versions come with a built-in virtual private network (VPN) for masking your location and IP address. However, by normal VPN standards experts label, this built-in VPN as shoddy and unreliable. This way, utilizing Popcorn Time without a third-party VPN may potentially expose your address and identity.

Risk # 2. Popcorn Time potentially exposes users to hacking and identity theft

As torrenting depends on peer-to-peer networking, your IP address can undoubtedly be found by any user using Popcorn Time. So apart from the risk of being nabbed by the torrent monitoring authorities, your data may be at risk in the hands of fellow movie streamers.

The IP address is all that a hacker may need to access everything about your digital life-your bank accounts, social media, and other sensitive or private data. Antivirus and firewall installed in your device may be helpful, but these controls are sometimes not sufficient to protect against skilled hackers.

Risk#3. Pop Corn users may experience bandwidth metering

This is when your internet service provider monitors what you are using your internet for. If they notice that you are using too much bandwidth-streaming takes copious amounts of bandwidth-they may reduce your speed or charge you more.

These security risks arise from one fact: Popcorn Time Safe does not have a robust virtual private network framework for protecting users’ IP addresses.

As a streaming enthusiast on the platform, many of these security problems can be prevented if you use a third-party VPN. But note that the market is flooded with many VPNs. The highest quality often tends to be prohibitively expensive. The cheapest ones are often very unreliable. This begs the question: Are there Popcorn Time alternatives that are a little safer?

Popcorn Time Alternatives

1. Duckie TV

This is another open-source platform loaded with old and new movies and TV shows. It enables free streaming, and unlike Popcorn Time, Duckie TV has stronger cloud-based security controls on the site.

2. Couch Potato

This platform supports free online streaming and downloading of video content. It is not very different from Popcorn Time. It gives you access to a variety of latest and old movies and TV shows. Couch Potato is said to be safer than Popcorn Time.

3. Showbox

Perhaps Showbox is another standout alternative to Popcorn Time. Showbox supports the streaming and downloading of TV shows, movies, and all media content. Showbox comes with a robust VPN that users can activate when it is streaming time.

4. Popcorn Time 6.2.1

It’s not clear what safety controls this version of Popcorn Time uses, but users rate it as the safest and most consistent alternative to Popcorn Time. PT 6.2.1 supports free streaming on android and ios devices.

5. Zona

Zona has all the features and functionalities of a free streaming platform. However, it uses its own search engine and torrent client. These aspects potentially reduce the cyberattack surface area for users.

6. Kodi

Kodi is a popular safe, and free site for movies and TV. Beware though that for its popularity, Kodi is heavily monitored compared to Popcorn Time. Provided users steer clear of copyright infringement, personal data is safe on this site-Kodi doesn’t stream BitTorrent protocol.

In a nutshell

Free streaming on Popcorn Time is still popular in 2021, but cybersecurity risks and stringent copyright protocols still bedevil it. Take care of your data privacy online. Use a VPN when you stream or try a safer popcorn time alternative like Showbox or Kodi.

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