Is Google Drive Secure?

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If you are like millions of others out there, Google is your jam.  Whether you use it for searches, finding your way around town, or writing emails, Google makes life a little bit easier. 

What about Google Drive?  How secure is Google Drive?  Is it safe to put your personal files on cloud storage? 

We’ll go through everything you need to know before you store your files on Google Drive.  That’s what we do.  We make your life easier. 

You can thank us later.

Didn’t Google Get Hacked Not Long Ago?

Why you gotta throw Google under the bus like that?  Kidding!  Let’s be honest.  Who hasn’t been hacked?  Don’t really answer that.

Truth be told, in 2016, five million Gmail accounts were hacked.  Since Gmail passwords give you access to Google Drive, the files stored in Google Drive accounts were compromised.

It’s important to note that this happened five years ago and since then, Google has upped the ante on security.  They worked to make sure that nothing like that will happen again to their users.

Google Drive Encryption

Keep in mind that it was Gmail that was compromised and not Google Drive directly.

Since then, Google has added extra layers of security to prevent hacking in the future.  They now use encryption technology to encrypt every file that is uploaded to Google Drive.

It stays encrypted the entire time it is on your account.  If you wanted to take things a step further, you could encrypt the data yourself before uploading it onto Google Drive.

It adds an extra layer of security on top of the Google Drive security.  

Two-Factor Authentication

Even if your password is the hardest password in the universe, there is still a risk that it could be compromised.

Don’t let that sway you from making your password as hard as possible, but Google added an extra layer of security to help keep your Google Drive safe.  It’s called two-factor authentication.

You input your password and then Google sends a text message to your mobile device or other selected app that requires you to input the number you received before accessing your account.

The more hoops that hackers have to go through, the safer your Google Drive files will be.  That extra step could mean the difference between a hacker’s success or their failure.

We want them to have an epic fail.

Privacy Settings

After encryption and two-factor authentication, to keep your files on Google Drive secure, you have the ability to change the privacy settings on your documents and folders.

Google Drive had a step-by-step process in the past to make your files or folders private once you uploaded them.

However, now every document or folder that you put on Google Drive is automatically marked as private until you change it.

In the past, you had to right-click on the folder or file you wanted to mark as private.  Now, you go through those steps when you want to make the document or folder public.

Here’s a step-by-step on how to do it.

  • Go to the folder or file that you wish to share and right-click on it.  
  • Choose the “Share” option, and a window will pop up.  
  • The top option will allow you to input people or groups with whom you want to share your file.  There is also an option below that enables you to copy the link to the file and give access to anyone with the link.  
  • Click “Done,” and you have shared your file.

Companies who use the Business Google Suite can follow these steps as well.

It makes it easy for multiple people that work for the same company to share and view each other’s documents with a simple click of a link.  

Why Are These Privacy Settings so Important?

Before Google changed all uploads to private, files in your Google account were available to anyone who searched for them.

Public files can show up in search engines, and anyone who clicks on it could see your Google Drive documents.

Now that they are all made private immediately upon upload, they are not indexed by Google or any other search engine.

A private document is only visible to the owner until they decide to share it with specific people or make it public.

These secure Google settings have given everyone a little more peace of mind.  Instead of going into every document to make it private, Google does the work for you.

Then it’s up to you to make the changes if you need to share them.

Is Google Drive Secure for Businesses?

We touched on the fact that sharing files via Google Drive with the Business Gmail Suite is great for companies who need to share information across many users.

But should you use Google Drive for your business?  Let’s look at some statistics, shall we?  Over two billion people use Google Drive to store their data.

Of those two billion people, thousands of them are businesses that utilize its cloud storage too.  Why is that?  For one thing, Google makes it easy to share and access files between employees of the same company.

Furthermore, Google Drive encryption is in a class of its own.  Data stored on Google Drive are in encrypted data centers.  Once a file is uploaded, it is broken down into small pieces behind the scenes.

Because of that, there are multiple encryption keys needed to get the information.  This is a massive hit to hackers because they have to get past numerous encryption keys to access your files.

Google makes it harder on them while making life easier for you.  Businesses trust Google Drive to keep their sensitive data secure.

Plus, every user that signs up for a Google account automatically receives 15GB of free cloud storage.  Winning!

Gmail vs. Google Drive

People often wonder if Google Drive is more secure than Gmail, especially after the breach from a few years ago.

However, when we talk about Gmail vs. Google Drive, they are really the same.  Once you log in to Gmail, you can access your Google Drive without re-entering a password.

If a hacker were to get into either account, both would be compromised.   However, Google now has encryption and two-factor authentication to make both Google Drive security and Gmail harder to hack. 

Google takes security seriously so that you can utilize your accounts without added stress. 

Google Drive vs. Dropbox

A little competition is healthy, and Dropbox is one of the main competitors to Google Drive when it comes to cloud storage.

Like Google Drive, Dropbox is easy to use and offers a free option to individuals.  It establishes a centralized place for users to go to share files with co-workers.

Dropbox works with Windows, Android, and Apple products just like Google Drive.  As you can see, there aren’t many differences between the two products.

However, when you are looking at free storage, Google Drive gives you 15GB of free storage.  Dropbox only gives you 2GB of free storage.

You can get more storage on Dropbox, but you have to pay for it.  As far as cloud services go, Dropbox is a good option for privacy and security and similar to using Google Drive. 

Cloud Storage Rocks

Remember when we used floppy discs to save our data?  God forbid it to get misplaced or damaged, and then all of your data was gone forever.

Those times are gone, people.  Google Drive not only allows you to save your data to the cloud, but it protects your data from online hackers.

Is Google Drive secure?  Yes!  Using Google Drive is a secure way to control who sees your data and allows the user to work with their business associates from anywhere in the world.

Google’s protection is top-notch, and it’s free!  Service with a smile.

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