How To Delete A Page In Word: A Simple Guide

Microsoft Office seemingly has limitless uses and the Word program is no exception. It’s the most widely used word processing program and document creator in the world and for good reason.

Known for its ease of use and user-friendliness, Microsoft Word is constantly used by students, businesses, and countless individuals to create any number of documents from essays, business, proposals, reports, and more.

It’s a priceless program to have yet sometimes users can find a few hiccups along the way that can be more time-consuming than necessary if they aren’t overly familiar with the tools and functions.

While it may seem like a relatively simple or trivial task, deleting a page in Microsoft Word is not always as easy as it sounds.

Whether it’s due to unintentional page breaks, or the fact that Microsoft Word is notorious for sneaking in blank pages unnecessarily, a quick and easy fix can save time and frustration.

While holding down the backspace key for an undefined amount of time might work, it may not be the most efficient approach.

In this article we will provide our readers with some simple tips and tricks to delete a page in Word on Windows and Mac. 

How to delete a blank page in Word

As we mentioned sometimes users will find an empty page at the end, or sometimes in the middle, of their document. This can appear unprofessional and become annoying if printing the document later on.

This is likely due to additional paragraph breaks done manually by the user or automatically by the program.

The easiest way to determine if this is the issue is to change the view so paragraph marks are visible on your document. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Navigate to the home tab in the upper left corner of the screen, under the paragraphs section press the show/hide paragraph mark symbol, and that’s that.
How To Delete A Page In Word paragraph mark
  • Another quick command is to press Ctrl+shift+8 for Windows, or command+8 on Mac, which will have the same effect.
  • It should now be very clear where all paragraph breaks are and you can delete them as needed by moving your cursor to select the paragraph break and pressing the backspace or delete key. You can also highlight multiple lines and delete them all at once.

If the paragraph break won’t delete by moving your cursor in front of it try double-clicking the mark and then deleting it. This should do the trick.

How to delete a page in Word Mac

Although shortcut commands may vary based on the OS, the above process should work on any platform using Microsoft Word.

However, It may not always be a blank page that you want to delete. Sometimes writers may no longer be happy with the content or it has become irrelevant by the end of your document.

How To Delete A Page In Word on mac

In this case you may need to delete an entire page along with any text, images, or additional content that you no longer require.

There are a couple of different methods you can use that are fast and effective.

Use the cursor

It is possible to highlight the content of the page using the cursor which should allow it to then be deleted.

  1. Simply place the cursor at the right of the final character on the page.
  2. Click and hold the cursor and begin to move the mouse or trackpad towards the top of the page.
  3. Upon reaching the top of the page move the cursor to the left of the first character or heading you can now release
  4. This action should have highlighted everything from top to bottom and it can now be deleted.
How To Delete A Page In Word - cursor

Use the ‘Go To’ Function

One of the easiest ways to delete an entire page in Word is to use the Go To function which is actually available on both Windows and Mac OS.

Firstly place the cursor on the page you want to get rid of. You’ll then need to open the Find and Replace window. 

  • This can be done easily with the shortcut “command+option+G “. (Ctrl+G in Windows)
  • You’ll then be presented with the Find and Replace window in which you will need to select the Go To tab at the top right.
  • The program will then prompt you to enter a page number. Type in /page and hit enter.
How To Delete A Page In Word - go to

  • This should select all of the contents on the unwanted page. Just press the backspace or delete key and this will delete the page in its entirety.
How To Delete A Page In Word - go to

Use the ‘Navigation Pane’ Function

Another quick approach to select the page you need to delete is by using the Navigation Pane option.

  • To do this simply select the View Tab from the top of the screen and select the box labeled Navigation Pane.

This option will pull up a thumbnail view of all the pages in your document on the left-hand side of the screen. 

  • Scroll to the desired page and select it with the cursor. This will take you directly to the selected page.
How To Delete A Page In Word  - navigation page
  • Lastly, scroll to the bottom of the page, hold shift, and click once in front of the last character in the content. 
  • You’ll find the entire page highlighted and simply press delete on your keyboard to remove the page.

How to delete a page break in Word

Page breaks are used to create a new page at any point in documents. Although they can be crucial to formatting, sometimes as the writing progresses they can become redundant and unnecessary.

Additionally, they may even prevent you from deleting a page and, in this case, they will need to go. Luckily the process is the exact same as deleting a blank page due to paragraph breaks.

As many may have already noticed, when selecting the Show/Hide button, paragraph breaks aren’t the only thing that becomes visible. 

This tool makes any formatting actions such as a space, paragraph break, and page breaks easily visible. After making them visible it’s an easy task to locate the unwanted formatting and remove it as necessary.

A quick reminder:

  • Navigate to the home tab
  • Press the Show/Hide paragraph sign, also known as a pilcrow, at the center-top of the screen
  • Find and delete the page break
  • Shortcuts for Show/Hide are Ctrl+shift+8 for Windows, or command+8 on Mac
How To Delete A Page In Word - page break


Hopefully some of these simple tips and tricks can help save our readers some time and make life just a little bit easier when using Microsoft Word.

If you found this article helpful let us know what other difficulties you’ve run into when using various programs and we’ll do our best to help!

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