How to Change Default Google Account

Yes, it’s possible, and we’ll show you how!

Has anyone written a love song about Google yet?  It’s only a matter of time because Google gets a whole lot of love. 

With over one billion users, Google is one of the mack daddies of the internet.  Since so many of us are using Google, we thought it was essential to give you a “How To” on changing your default Google account. 

If you are using Gmail accounts for work and personal reasons, this is extra important, to keep those Google accounts separate.  Either way, many of us have multiple accounts, so we’ve got your back.  Read on.

Change Your Default Google Account

So you want to change the default Google account that comes up every time you log on to your computer?  Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

The first and most crucial step when you want to change your default Google account is to sign out of all accounts.  It is important to note the first account that you log into will be set as your default account

Chrome account

Make sure when you are log back in, you sign into the account that you want to be your default.  Once you are in your default account, you can switch to another account.  For example, if you signed in to your personal account first, that will now be your default Google account. 

However, if you wish to switch to your work account, you just need to go to the upper right-hand corner and click on your profile picture.  It will pull up any other Google accounts that you have.  Just click on whichever account you want to switch over to.

Removing Your Default Google Account From Chrome

You open Chrome and the default account that comes up is not the one that you want to see first.  What do you do? 

Like always, Google has you covered. 

One quick way to change your account is to:

  • Go to the upper right corner and click on your profile picture
  • Scroll down to “Sign out” and you have now signed out.  Awesome!  Now you can sign into the account that you want to be my default and are good to go.

Hold up!  Wait a minute!  Did you just sing that?  We did too.  While that logged you out of the Google Chrome session on the device you are currently on, it didn’t log you out of any sessions on other devices where you were logged into a Google Chrome browser. 

If you want to change your default account on multiple browsers across different devices, you are going to have to log out of all Google sessions.  To do this, you can go directly to

  • Once you are there, you can click your profile picture in the top right hand corner
  • There will be an option to click that says, “Sign out of all accounts.” 
  • This will log you out of all Google accounts across the Chrome browser.  This includes your default account.

Now I can log back into my account, right?  Yes, you can, but before you do, make sure you sign back into the one you want to be your default. 

Remember, the first account you signed into, Google will consider as your default account.

Can I Change my Default Google Account on my Android Device?

The answer is yes, but it’s not as easy as simply logging out of a Chrome browser.  If your current default account on your Android device is not the one you want, there is a way to change it. You have two options. Let’s check them out.

One option is to perform a factory reset on your Android device.  That is usually a scary thought as all apps and data that you stored on the device will be deleted.  The idea here is that the phone is set back to it’s original state before you purchased it. 

Screenshots taken from Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

Once the factory reset is done, the account you sign into will be your default account.  Finish setting up your device and you are good to go.

Another option instead of a factory reset, is to sign out of all Google accounts that are connected to the Android device.  This means you need to sign out of any Google apps on your device to include Gmail and Google Drive accounts.  Get out of them all, people! 

Once you have done that, you can sign back into each Google account one at a time.  Again, make sure you sign in with your preferred account first because that will become your default account.  

Google Wins Every Time

Let’s be real.  Google is awesome on a lot of levels.  Allowing you to navigate through its features and personalize things is just one reason people use it so often. 

Maybe you had one Google account that was your jam, but now it’s not as important.  Change it up and make a new Google account your default with the simple steps we gave you. 

When that Google song comes out, do you think they will give us royalties?  No, we don’t either, but it was worth a shot.

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