Discord Text Formatting – Add Some Flair to your Discord Chats

If you want to talk smack during your gaming sessions on the Discord platform, there is no better way than formatting your text with colorful language.  Just keep it clean, people! 

With Discord, there are a lot of different text formatting options brought to you by Markdown syntax.  We’re talking bold, italics; you name it.  If you are new to Discord and ready to amp up your text skills, you have come to the right place. 

Always here to help, so let’s get started.

What is Discord?

If you are unfamiliar with Discord, we’ll give you a quick rundown of some Discord statistics and knowledge

Created in 2015 by Jason Citron, Discord was initially designed to compete with Skype and TeamSpeak to enhance gamers’ text/chat functionality.  When it started, communication was only available via text and audio.

In 2017, they enabled video calling and screen sharing to broaden their reach beyond gaming.  Now they are competing heavily with Slack and Microsoft Teams to get more businesses to use their product.

Discord has expanded its reach beyond gaming to establish its brand.  With over 6 million people using Discord and over 100 million in revenue last year, Discord is definitely making an impression in the industry.  Still popular with gamers, learning text formatting is pivotal for your gaming experience.

How to Format Text in Discord

Let’s be honest.  The beauty of gaming is being able to text your friends and talk trash.  Isn’t it more fun to talk trash when your text is in bold or italics?  We think so, and so did Discord. 

Since Discord uses Markdown syntax to format text, it’s not a simple click on the “B” for bold text.  It involves the use of special characters to emphasize your text.  If you haven’t used text formatting like Markdown before, there are loads of reference materials online that can walk you through the basics.

Once you get your feet wet, you will be off and running with your text formatting.

When you are given permission to use a chat room on the server, here are some quick tips on some basic Discord text formatting.  

  • To make your font italics, add an asterisk symbol in front of the text and behind the text.  For instance, to say “Dude, get that guy,” you would write *Dude, get that guy.*
  • If you’re going for bold text, put two asterisks in front and behind the text.  An example would be **Seriously, Dude. Get the guy.** 
  • Underlined text lets people know that you are serious.  To underline text in Discord, put two underscores before the text and after the text.  For instance, you might say __if you don’t get that guy, we will lose__. 
  • Strikethrough text is also easy to do with Discord text formatting.  Simply put a double tilde symbol in the front of the text and at the end.  An example would be ~~Seriously Dude. Get the guy~~.  Your gaming friend finally got the guy, so you can strikethrough it.
  • When you start getting fancy, you can combine bold, italic, and underlining.  Placing three asterisks in front of what you want to say and then using the other symbols will incorporate a few different types of Discord text formatting.  For instance, if you thought your friend didn’t do what you asked, you could say ***__How many times do I have to tell you to get that guy__***.

Code Blocks

Now that we are getting fancy let’s talk about code blocks and how they work in Discord.  A code block will change the background of the text but leave the text formatting alone

You can have a single-line code block or a multiline code block.  They are denoted in different ways.  For a single-line code block, you put a single backtick at the beginning and end of the line.

For example, you could say, `My friend, you finally got the guy.`  The background of the single-line code block would be changed.  Multiple line text is not allowed in single-line code blocks.

For multiple lines, you need multiline code blocks.  For a multiline code block, you would put three backticks at the front and end of your lines.  See below.

` ` `We finally got the guy.

This game is so much fun.

Well, it’s fun when you listen to me about getting the guy.` ` `

All of those lines are a code block and would be formatted with a background change.  

Text formatting within Code Blocks

In Discord, you can create code blocks to change the background, but you can also change the text formatting within the code block.

In this case, you would need to format text in Discord outside of the code block.  If you wanted to make the words within the code block italic, you would need to put one asterisk outside the backticks.  See below.

*`If you don’t get the guy, he is going to get me.`*

Here, the text formatting is outside of the code block.  The same would be true for multiline code blocks as well.  

Changing Text Color in Discord

By default, Discord does not allow you to change the color of the text.  While you can change text formatting, color is not as simple.

However, Discord runs on Javascript, which allows you to change the text color with special code.  The three lines of code that you need are below.

  • First, put three backticks in front of your text;
  • Next, put in the code of the color you want and hit enter: “fix” for yellow, “md #” for blue, “arm” for orange, “yalm” for green;
  • Then you write your sentence and hit enter again;
  • Finally, enter three backticks again

Shall we show you an example?  Of course, we should.  It would look like this.

We made it yellow because if they don’t get the guy, we will lose our minds.  Anyway, it is possible to change the color in Discord, but it involves several lines of code.

Can you change the Font in Discord?

We talked about italics, bold text in Discord, and the Discord strikethrough, but what about changing the font in Discord?  Is that possible? 

Discord has a fixed font, but you can change the font in your chats by utilizing a Discord font generator.  There are a bunch of free options on the internet that you could try.  

To use the generator, input your text, and then the generator supplies you with a list of different fonts to choose from.  Once you have the font, you want to use, copy the text and paste it back into Discord. 

There are sometimes issues where the font is not recognized by Discord, but that is rare.  For the most part, Discord will rock that new font that you found.

Discord Text Formatting Mania

Whether you want to strikethrough text in Discord or go Discord bold, Markdown syntax will guide you through your chats in Discord.  Learn to text with some flair. 

We all need a little flair in our lives and Discord text formatting can do just that.  Type in your desired text and format it to your liking.  There are plenty of formatting options so dive right in and enjoy!

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