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Hair Gone Wrong: Scalp Disorders on the Increase - Details

imxraycat7511: Scalp troubles, have the potential to really harm our sense of assurance and cause severe pain. There are many different forms of scalp troubles, but most are extremely treatable. Learn about the common complaints, and their treatments.

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Injured by High Street Hair Salon - Details

quellae1252: Hairdressing nightmares normally involve haircuts that have gone bad; dire perms or hair colour that went bright green. For some hair salon customers, however, the damage is more serious. Some haircuts can leave the customer with serious wounds,...

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Salon Negligence Caused Allergic Reaction to Hair Dye - Details

darkgoddess8856: Hair dye is lighter than ever before, with less damaging chemicals that cause permanent damage to hair. Yet even in today’s up-to-date salons, around 5% of customers are allergic to commonly used hair dyes.Every day in the UK, women have blistering,...

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Dangerous Animals Attack Children On Holiday and at Home - Details

quellae1252: Youngsters love animals, but household pets can be a dangerous risk. Animal attacks are on the increase, and it's not only illegal dogs to blame. Any animal presents a critical hazard to a youngster, and parents need to know the dangers.

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Classroom and Household Dangers Both Injure Children - Details

imxraycat7511: Accidents are a continuous danger to children. At school, and in the household, there are multiple risks that could cause accidental injury and trauma to the youngster. This guide to the most commonplace hazards in the household and school surroundings...

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Top tips for Avoiding a Dog Attack - Details

imxraycat7511: Approximately 250, 000 dog bites happen in the UK every year. 77% of dog bites are from the animals of family or friends, and 50% of attacks take place on the dog owner's property.Considering how frequent dog attacks are, few dog owners are...

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My Hairdresser's Negligence Wrecked my Life - Details

imxraycat7511: A hair nightmare can wreck our day. But sometimes, hair can go bad at the darkest of times, which has a knock on affect to our relationships, assurance, even our professional lives. For some individuals, the trouble can spiral to such an extent,...

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