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Medical device tax not a well-thought-out plan | Patexia

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Patexia: I am a proponent for change.  By constantly fighting to retain the status quo, as a society, we run the risk of stagnation.  With stagnation, growth cannot be sustained and without growth, we die.  When President Obama first... One potential...

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In 2010, President Obama passed a bill, HR3590, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act , which states that children will no longer be denied insurance, health care companies will no longer be able to deny anyone coverage for ridiculous reasons and over 80 million people that cannot presently afford it, will finally be able to get health insurance. Sounds promising but it also creates some potential problems which will lead to more expensive health care delivery system in the future. However, this is a change that people will eventually adopt. The potential problem might increase the cost of health care but if entrepreneurs and inventors can create medical technology of the future for a much lower cost then maybe health care expenses will also decrease.

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