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School Fundraising Online is Easy with Fundly - Details

cabitmad: Need to raise money for a school fundraiser? If so, check out Fundly for easy school fundraising tools that will help you maximize donations online for your school fundraisers today.

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cabitmad saved this page on 08/28/2011 06:08am

Need to raise money for a school fundraiser? If so, check out Fundly for easy school fundraising tools that will help you maximize donations online for your school fundraisers today.

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iamscottoneil saved this page on 09/12/2011 07:24pm

School fundraising online is easy with fundly's social fundraising tools for schools, which help them raise money fast and effectively for their school fundraisers.

skanpaul saved this page on 09/15/2011 01:02am

Start a school fundraising campaign today and raise money for multiple school fundraisers online with the easy social fundraising tools by Fundly.

devynarl saved this page on 10/30/2011 01:44am

Fundraising for schools is now easy for schools to raise money online quick and effectively by using Fundly's social fundraising tools to fundraise. School fundraising campaigns can create and promote multiple school fundraisers online and raise more money for their students, parents, and teachers.

FidelDay saved this page on 11/09/2011 06:25am

Fundraising for schools is easy to raise money online when using Fundly's online fundraising platform. Promote and grow your school fundraising campaign via social networks and make your school fundraiser more successful today.

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guyortiz6e saved this page on 11/22/2011 09:48pm

Promote and grow your school fundraising campaign today using Fundly's online fundraising platform for school fundraisers. Raise money online fast and effectively for any number of school fundraising events today and fundraise via social networks when fundraising for schools.

JimmyRansom saved this page on 01/10/2012 10:36pm

Get the best information on Fundraising For Schools. If your looking to have a School Fundraisers, then you need to check out us out.

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kathybaird89 saved this page on 01/21/2012 04:02am

When you strategy a school fundraiser you should let everyone recognize. The more those that know about your current fundraiser, the more money you can make for your institution. Publicity is significant and is a sensible way to increase profits. Let's look from five ideas pertaining to letting people be familiar with your upcoming fundraiser.

sarahwynn819 saved this page on 01/21/2012 04:13am

Should your school needs additional money, they might prefer to consider planning a new fundraiser. Fundraising is probably the greatest ways to make money for a institution. Fundraisers can end up being very profitable and they are very easy in order to plan. The money an individual earn fundraising can often help a institution budget or to purchase programs that would certainly otherwise be very costly.

jnuzzo70 saved this page on 03/17/2012 05:46pm

fundraising for schools is easy when you are using an online school fundraising platform to collect donations from donors. if you need to fundraise for any number of school fundraisers big and small, start today.

Owen32c2 saved this page on 04/17/2012 12:25am

School fundraising online makes it really easy for school fundraisers big and small to raise money online so much easier than traditional school fundraising activities. Fundraising for schools online makes it so much easier for the parents, teachers, and students to fundraise for whatever their needs are in less time and effort than a typical school fundraiser.

ggmikdds saved this page on 05/18/2012 12:02pm

School fundraising is now easy. Fundly’s online fundraising platform helps causes to raise money online fast and effectively. School fundraisers are much more productive and gain excellent results. Aside from being very simple to set up and use, you can create multiple school fundraising campaigns to promote online, while being able to manage the amount of individual donors, their donation amount, and analyze and optimize your campaigns from the valuable information gathered, within a very simple to use and intuitive dashboard.

zoegavin07d saved this page on 05/18/2012 08:15pm

The best school fundraisers are done using online fundraising tools for schools, so they can raise more money online using email and social networks to spread the word and get donations from supporters from all over the world.

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